How do you get row/column number from a range?

I can get the range address returned, but I want to use the address to get information from a cell in the next column. In other words, if I have got the range returned from a ‘find’ command to a specific cell - e.g. C14 (This could be different every time). Then, I want to copy the data from associated row D14. How do I get to this cell in order to copy the data???

This is as far as I can get:

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
open workbook workbook file name “LessonInfo.xlsx”
activate object worksheet “Nicknames”
tell worksheet “Nicknames” of active workbook
set fc to (find (range “C:C” of worksheet “Nicknames”) what "Jack & Jill)

end tell
end tell

Any Help would be appreciated…

To get the value from column D, you could use the get offset command.

This code avoids the selecting that the posted code used. (note that my test file is differntly named)

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set rangeToSearch to get range "C:C" of worksheet "Nicknames" of workbook "me.xls"
	set fc to (find rangeToSearch what "Jack & Jill")
	return value of (get offset fc column offset 1)
end tell

To answer the question about row and column numbers, the first row index and first column index properties should be used.

Dear mikerickson,

That is absolutely perfect!!! That worked exactly as you suggested!!

Thank you so much!!