How do you open a file with AppleScript?


I’m new to AppleScript, and I’m just wondering if it’s possible to open a macintosh flash projector file with AppleScript?
I want to make a AppleScript file (I don’t really know if this is how you do it, creating a script file?) which will by clicking on it, open the macintosh flash projector file, which is placed in a diffrent folder.

I’m not sure if it’s possible and how it works.
Would really appreciate any help I can get.

This is my first post, so please be gentle :wink:



All things are possible with AppleScript (AS). Here is a link to a free download ebook that is a quick read and can help you get started: Applescript for Absolute Starters.

I am unsure what type of file you are talking about (I have no experience with anything related to macintosh flash projector), but if you can supply a few more details, someone is likely to have some specific information you can use.

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Marcus, is there any reason why you couldn’t use an alias?

That said, if we’re thinking about the same thing, then a Flash Projector is just a flash file saved as an executable file. Thus, something like this (saved as an application) should work:

activate application "Your Projector's Name"


You mean why I used Marcus when my screen name is BagOfFun?

Yes, the flash projector is an executable file.
I’m working on a PC with flash and I’ve created a flash projector of my project (a .hxq file),
but don’t worry about that, I got the whole mac compiling thing coverd.
I’m using MacImage to “convert” the flash mac projector (.hxq), so it works on mac.
And I’m also using MacImage to burn a hybrid cd on my pc, so it works on booth platforms.

Are you with me?

Thanks for the tip Bruce; activate application “Your Projector’s Name”
I’m just wondering now how you do “activate”/open the application/my projector if it’s in a diffrent folder?
And do you create a “AppleScript file” with this script within it, or how does it work?

I’m on a PC but I’m gonna ask a friend with a Mac to do this for me,
or is it possible to do AppleScript on a PC?

The tell application term doesn’t care where the program is.

Tell application "MyProjector" to activate

tells the mac that if there is a program named “MyProjector”, then open it

to open a specific file or app, use the finder:

Tell application "Finder" to open "MyHD:MyFolder:MyProjector"

PS: an “alias” is the macintosh term for a shortcut (link) to a file

Aah, see now you made me look like a complete goof* :slight_smile:

ok, so it’s a good idea to use;

Tell application "MyProjector" to activate

but if I’m to use the other one where you tell the finder to located it;

Tell application "Finder" to open "MyHD:MyFolder:MyProjector"

My whole project will be on a CD. So is there a standard “name” for the CD drive on Mac,
or is it like on a PC where you don’t know if the user has the CD drive on E:, D:, F: or even M;?

Is it safest to go with the first one where you don’t give a specific location?

If you need/want to specify a path to an application, you can do this (no need to use Finder):

activate application "MyHD:MyFolder:MyProjector"

See also: References to Applications

Also, as pilothigh said, an “alias” is the same thing as a “shortcut” in Windows.

Ah, now I see.
My mind never ran in that direction, - creating a “alias”/shortcut.
So you think it’s the best way to go?

But still, if I wanted to go the AppleScript way.
How do i direct the script so MyHD = the CD drive?

I really appreciate your help guys* :slight_smile:

Change “MyHD” to the name of the CD. (Mac/Unix doesn’t use drive letters.)