How do you organise your scripts

Hi All,

I have a mixed bag of working scripts, test odds and sods scripts and some snippet/example scripts.
I use them all as references.
What I find hard to do is organise them so I can go straight to an example I need.

At present I use the file name but I am finding this limiting.
I also have a script which writes the scripts as text files that can be searched by spotlight, and double click-able to open in S.E.
But even that means wading through lots of files looking for a clue to an example.
Part of my problem maybe also what I consider an example. i.e. a full script rather than a part…

I’m wondering if any of you have some tips on the best way to organise scripts, in particular snippets/examples, ( which I need as I have a memory like a sieve :rolleyes:).

Thanks for any help


Hi Mark,

this is a very good question.
I got the same problem having a hugh amount of scripts and snippets
and I’m just loosing control about it.

I have subfolders for every application and additional folders
for subroutines, system and testscripts.
But lots of scripts overlap using multiple applications.

So I would also be happy about a few suggestions

I have compiled scripts in application-specific folders, a folder for reusable handlers, and a folder for “utilities” (general purpose apps); I’m generally familiar with the contents of these, though most of them are compiled. I also have a “bbs” folder, which (obviously?) contains anything that I’ve saved (as text) while answering posts here; I have only a rough idea of what’s in that folder.

Finally, a recent idea of mine was to start collecting related small scripts and notes into a single text file. (Here’s an example from a recent thread.)

If you don’t recognize that formatting, then you need to check out Markdown.

Thanks Stefan, Bruce,

I guess part of what I may need to do is break down my scripts in to folders.
Just need to decide how far I want to break them down.

I do not keep handlers outside of the main scripts yet. But think this is the way for me to go.
I also think it would help improve my scripting if I use more handlers (modules)

The database looks like a good idea.
I have a copy of SOHO notes some where, which I may use. I think it allows me to link files and notes…

I use a 1GB flash drive that is organized by folder, based on the application the script is addressing, or on a specific project I am working on. I address the overlap problem by using obscenely long filenames, like ExcelGetSizeExport2mysqlAndPrint.scpt, and SpotLight does the rest when I need them. I back up the flash drive to three different Macs every few months, since I tend to misplace the thing from time to time…

Okay new project!

Cooks need their own books and so do scripters, so collect all your recipes in ScriptBook!

A Xcode application that supports filiing of code snipets into user defined catergories. Have a script that could qualify more than one? Well thankfully ScriptBook supports a robust tagging and search feature!

other features create “recipe” from drag 'n drop, selection, clipboard, script editor of choice as well as easy one button script pasting.


Okay I like the sound of it, besides who wants a zillion little text files littered amongst an already, most likely, messy file system.


Now who wants to make it? =)

Cheers Craig,

I’m trying to get away from the file name option. But it seems we all have the same problem. overlap

:lol: I nearly went to versiontracker to look for it. :lol:

There was an article about cutting down on the clutter by Adam Bell. It might help you…

This may only be an annoyingly more complicated method, but I humbly suggest Missing Link might be used to introduce a little more order as well.

Missing Link’s companion droplet Quick Link writes simple HTML links to (pretty much) any file in the current user folder, and could be used to ‘compile’ an infinite list of scripts and snippets, which would then be searchable in Safari without involving Spotlight. Quick Link’s ‘Expanded’ link format also includes Spotlight comments from the ‘get info’ window, so you could add a full description of the script, or some key portions of the script itself (in unformatted text) to the searchable content. The Expanded format also displays date created, date modified, disk location and provides an active link to open the script itself, regardless of where it is in a folder hierarchy.

Missing Link is still in ‘beta’, and has some known flaws, but seems to work reliably as advertised.

Comments as to its utility for this purpose would be welcome…

Peter B.

I have spent the past year+ working on just this sort of thing, but for Xcode… not script editor. It’s called Chronicle, and manages simple text files in a ‘File Library’. I’ve been bumping back it’s release for a few months trying to hammer out some last-minute details. Here’s a simple screenshot of the File Library. I also began development of ChronicleSE for Script Editor, which should have a significantly shorter development time than Chronicle for Xcode, but at the current time all it does is put a menu item in Script Editor’s menu bar… nothing else. Once I release Chronicle, ChronicleSE will gain my complete attention. It will be a plugin for Script Editor, and will pretty much just be a window containing an outline view for creating and managing script files. It will be as integrated into the current script editor workflow as possible, and have all of the features you might expect from a file manager of this sort.

For now, you’ll have to keep them all in one main directory and just open a finder window to get after them. Wish I could offer more than a promise. :confused:



Thanks I will have a look at that.

Thanks Peter,
I had a look at that. I think you where right about it may be a annoyingly more complicated method.
It would work better if the Author offered up a add comment box rather than Relying on the comments from get info.

Also I there is no way of removing a file from the list, So no way to update or edit. Not sure that would be that easy to do with the script and html. But I suppose if you give each file a unique id number in the list. You could have an option to
enter the unique id number, and have the script of exclude or offer edit options, then rewrite the list from the current one but with the changes.

As it stands I could probably write a script for A.S scripts to do that. As I all ready have HTML writing scripts.

There seems to be a definite need for some kind of Script File Library,

I must say I like your approach to incorporate it as a plugin, which keep you in S.E rather than you having to go out side to do a task for it.
I look forward to seeing your app when it comes out.