How do you run a service in a root directory?

Hi Everyone,

Basically, I want to run an automator service in the root directory of an external drive that will create a new folder. As far as I can tell, you can only run a Service in Finder by right-clicking a file or folder (or using the menu options). I want to open the drive, right-click the blank space in the finder window, then run the service. Using a shortcut would work also.

Thanks for any help!

But why? No need to create such custom quick action. When you open the drive, then perform right-click on the blank space in the Finder window, popups menu with menu item “New Folder” (say, that is ready quick action from Apple)

I’m trying to make an automator workflow that will copy a Project Template and a group of folders to an external drive.

Basically, it will:

  1. Ask me for a Project Name
  2. Ask me for the drive to save to
  3. Create a folder with the Project Name
  4. Copy a group of folders and files into the new Project Folder.

Right now, I have it running as an app. But, I would also like to run it as a service so I can open the external drive, right-click, then choose “Create Project Here” from the context menu.

Thanks for any help!

PS - I should add that I already have the automator app working.