How do you stop and start an application listed in Application Support

So heres the deal, I want to play WOW but my mouse driver/program is making it so my mouse doesn’t work correctly in WOW. After digging and playing around a bit I figured out the the application (listed as Logitech Control Center Daemon in the activity monitor) is causing my problems…

If I stop the Control Center, my mouse works fine in WOW.

Now I could just manually stop the Control Center before starting WOW and then start it back up when I close WOW but thats a pain so… I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to make Applescript do it for me… and realized… I know nothing about scripting!

I found this following script that I tried to alter to fit my needs…

do shell script “/Applications/Mampstack/ start”

The issue is that is located in /Library/Application Support/Logitech and of course you can’t just type a space in a directory structure…

So, I’m lost…

What I want to do is make 2 scripts …

Script 1)

Start WOW

Script 2)


I’d save both of these as apps to make life easier :slight_smile:

I know this should be totally simple but I can’t figure it out even after googling and reading obtuse scripts for hours!



tell application "System Events"
	if exists process "LCCDaemon" then
		do shell script "killall " & "LCCDaemon"
		--do shell script "killall " & "WOW"
		do shell script "open -a " & "LCCDaemon"
		--do shell script "killall " & "WOW"
	end if
end tell

the script works with applications only
.adjust it if some application -names are different.