how to add tomorrow date to filename?

I need to make such script … i made automator workflow, it select file , rename it (adding CURRENT date to exist name) , and send to ftp

now i need to change - not current date, tomorrows date.
basic automtar action cant do such things, how i can do this ?


something like this (paste it in an AppleScript action)

on run {input, parameters}
	set delim to "_" -- change it to the separator for the date you want 
	tell (current date) to tell (it - (its time) + days) to set theDate to ((its month as integer) as string) & delim & its day & delim & its year
	repeat with oneFile in input
		set {name:Nm, name extension:Ex} to info for oneFile as alias
		if Ex is missing value then set Ex to ""
		if Ex is not "" then set Nm to text 1 thru ((count Nm) - (count Ex) - 1) of Nm
		tell application "Finder" to set name of contents of oneFile to Nm & space & theDate & "." & Ex
	end repeat
	return input
end run

thank u very very much , stefan…