How to arrange tracks in an iTunes playlist

I’m writing a script to run through a playlist and ‘clean up’ the broken location items by replacing them with a best fit from MainLibrary. So far it will correctly identify the song for replacement and it will duplicate (copy) the song into the playlist, but I am unable to find a way to re-organize the track so that it is in the right playlist location (index?) instead of at the bottom of the playlist. I’ve searched high and low and while a solution is probably out there, I haven’t yet found it (help!)

This is my first script. Here is a code snippet, and I’m happy to share the whole thing (so far) if/as needed.

–Find the good track with the same attributes; filter for those of similar attributes
set possible_tracks to (every file track of main_playlist whose name = nom and album = alb and genre = gen and kind = knd and location is not missing value)
if possible_tracks is not {} then
duplicate item 1 of possible_tracks to this_playlist
–Arrange track to the same position as the track it is replacing, then remove the duplicate track that’s missing location information
end if

I have not solved the problem directly, but for those interested, I worked around the problem by creating a new playlist, copying the valid tracks into the new playlist, plus the corrected tracks, in the order of the original playlist, thus rebuilding and retaining the play order.

I’m still polishing the script; I’m not satisfied with this approach but it seems to be working.