How to auto force quit an application not responding (but active)

I use application Isadora for a video installation running automatically. It appear that sometimes Isadora Freeze. In activity monitor it say “not responding” in red.

I have already some script to auto restart the application and the file:/ after a crash, an unexpected quit or simply if not active.

But when it become to freeze it still look active, even if not responding, so those scripts don’t have effects.

It’s on a MacPro 3.1 with 10.8.5.

Do someone knew how applescript / automator / Lingon X could detect a frozen application and doing an auto force quit?

Thanks a lot.


Model: MacPro 3.1
AppleScript: 2.5.1
Browser: Safari 602.4.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

There is probably a terminal way to detect non-responsive applications and then you can force them to quit and relaunch, but since I’m not an expert in terminal, the first thing I’d try is something just in Applescript. I don’t have Isadora, but it looks like it has an Applescript dictionary. I’d try just having a stay-open Applescript send Idadora some harmless Applescript query on a delayed repeat loop (name of window 1, or whatever Isadora supports) and if it fails to return that information to Applescript within a certain timeframe, then assume it’s crashed and force quit it.

Force quit is just:

tell application "System Events" to set theID to (unix id of processes whose name is "Idadora")
do shell script "kill -9 " & theID

And then you can delay a few seconds and relaunch.

thanks for the reply t.spoon
I did try something like that, somehow like you purpose :

set v to ""
		tell application "Isadora" to set v to version
	end try
	if v is "" then
		do shell script "killall Isadora"
	end if

but don’t work,then I finally did this (from some web search and modified) :

tell application “Activity Monitor” to run
tell application “System Events” to tell process “Activity Monitor”
tell outline 1 of scroll area 1 of window 1 – working with the list
set notResponding to rows whose value of first static text contains “ne répond pas” – Looking for Not responding process
repeat with aProcess in notResponding
set pid to value of text field 5 of aProcess – For each non responding process retrieve the PID
if pid is not “” then do shell script ("kill -9 " & pid) – KILL the PID.
end repeat
end tell
end tell

it seems to work… waiting of the next “freeze”…

And when Isadora is not active a second AppleScript relaunch it.
So I hope when he unexpected quit or freeze he will restart using one or the two AppleScript…