How to call a compiled AppleScript from within a FileMaker script?

I have found an OSAX called ClipboardToHTML that grabs the text in the clipboard and translate the bold, italic, line breaks and accented characters to equivalent HTML entities and codes.

The problem is that the documentation that comes with the package doesn’t explain how to use the applet from within FileMaker.

I have installed the applet in the scripting additions folder, then I tried to paste the example code in the ‘perform Applescript’ dialog window of ScriptMaker, but when I clicked OK, it complained that it didn’t understand the code.

Can someone tell me how to use a precompiled AppleScript from within FileMaker’s ScriptMaker?

Serge Grenier

Scripting Additions are extensions to the AppleScript language (not AppleScript code). You install them in the Scripting Additions folder, then use their “commands”. Ie, “set newText to convert the clipboard to html”.

Unfortunatelly, ClipboardToHTML is dated back to 1997, and it won’t work under OS X.

There are various tools out there which will convert styled text to html. I can only remember, though, this one:

You should customize it yourself, though.