How to change access privileges for a folder on network server


I looked for a solution to my problem but didn’t found any.

I would like to change access privilege of a folder that resides on a shared point on our Xserve. I want to do this via an applescript lauched from my computer. I have administrator privileges.

I read posts who suggest to use shell applescript but dont know the right syntax to use.

Have any hints ?


André in Québec, Canada

Model: iMac Intel
AppleScript: not sure
Browser: Firefox 3.0.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

You problem requires several steps. If you research each step using the search for the forums you should find your answers.

  1. mount the remote drive. You can search for how to do this.
  2. the unix commands chown or chmod should help you change the ownership and access privileges to what you want.
  3. to run the unix commands from applescript you use the “do shell script” command. Search to see exactly how to use it.
  4. if your unix command needs sudo (i.e. administrator privileges) to run put “with administrator privileges” after the do shell script command and leave out sudo from your applescript command… you will be prompted for an admin password.

Hope that helps.

Great tip, but this might shorten down the process a bit

Setup SSH on the xserver, then setup a ssh-key from your machine to the server, if using ~/.ssh/config, it would be pretty easy to do what you want

search google for ssh-keygen and .ssh/config

do shell script "ssh <server> '<unix command>'"

Thats it…