How to change keyboard layouts (and fonts)?

Hi. I have no idea how to do Applescripting, and don’t even know if keyboard layouts are scriptable.

I use Greek (ancient), which requires a unicode layout, and English (US), which involves switching between the two layouts AND switching between two fonts (so, one English font with US layout, then to one Greek font with its corresponding Greek Unicode keyboard layout), back and forth, back and forth, etc., in Word documents. Word won’t let me create a macro for this (it is possible to create a key combination to switch the font). I’ve tried 3d party software (Keyboard Maestro) but can’t get it to go either. Ideally one key combination to go one way and another to go another way would do the trick if I could find a way to combine these into an applescript, or scripts, that could be triggered by the key-combination/s. I’d be grateful for any tips, as the documentation for Applescript I find totally obtuse and I’m not a programmer. It may be, however, that no script would be serviceable for this, I don’t know for sure.

Many thanks.

Jim P. ( (running Tiger)