How to change script??

I have this little script which I use to launch and open certain URL’s for me. (I cut down the list of URL’s to make it shorter.)

--list of URL's to open set www_list to {"", "", ¬
""} --get number of URL's set num_www to length of www_list tell application "Internet Explorer"
repeat with i from 1 to num_www
set www_item to item i of www_list
--open URL to a new window
OpenURL www_item toWindow 0
--reposition window to fill screen
do script "javascript:window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo((screen.width/1.05),(screen.height/1.05))"
--collapse window
reposition window 1 with collapsing
end repeat 
end tell

The script works fine, except for the javascript (have to work out some bugs in it) but that is not a problem. What I am trying to do is using read/write commands to get these URL’s from a file and make the script so that I can drop a new URL on it and it will add it to the list so that the next time I run it the new URL will launch also. The problem I think is that I cannot do this all from 1 script. I think that I need 1 script to launch and 1 script to drop and update the URL file. Is this correct?? Is there an easier way to do this?? I have tried using on idle…end idle and making the script stay open all to no luck.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks…

What type of files are you dropping on the script? Text files? If so, will each
file contain only one URL? If they contain more than one, how are they

Rob Not text files. I want to be able to drop those Internet Explorer documents on it to get the URL in the list.

Something like this might work:

 --Saved as application --
--list of URL's to open 
property www_list : {"", "", ¬ 
on open someBookmarks 
repeat with i in someBookmarks 
set urlFile to read i 
copy text 5 thru end of (paragraph -2 of urlFile) to end of www_list 
end repeat 
end open
on run 
set num_www to count of items of www_list --get number of URL's 
tell application "Internet Explorer" 
repeat with i from 1 to num_www 
set www_item to item i of www_list 
OpenURL www_item toWindow 0 --open URL to a new window 
do script "javascript:window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo((screen.width/1.05),(screen.height/1.05))" --reposition window to fill screen 
reposition window 1 with collapsing --collapse window 
end repeat 
end tell 
end run

It worked from me using IE 5 and OS 9.1. To add bookmarks, drop the
files onto the script. To put IE into motion, launch the script (double-click it,
run from Apple Menu, etc.). Be advised that if you open the script in Script
Editor and recompile it, any bookmarks which have been added via drag
and drop will be lost. This could be avoided by storing the list in a text file
(write to file) whenever something is added and then reading the list (read
file) back into the script when it launches.
The script could also use some error checking for wrong file types and
that kind of stuff).
Rob (who didn’t test the script heavily)