How to click on main window buttons with another window open?

I have an Applescript Studio Xcode project that has a main window with a few buttons on it, when I click one of the buttons a panel appears (not attached to main window) which has buttons on it that when clicked do their thing, the problem i’m trying to figure out is, with the panel still open how can I click on the other buttons on the main window and have them perform their assigned tasks? , at the moment I have to close the panel to use the main window buttons, any ideas please?

OSX 10.4.11, Xcode 2.5


Your probably using display panel window “Your Panel’s Name” which does the following according to Xcode’s Documentation:

So the bold, underlined line says that only the panel can receive mouse, keyboard or window-close events.

To just show the panel regularly as if it was a normal window, use:

show window "Your Panel's Name"

Hope it helps,

great stuff ief2, appreciate the help