how to click on website buttons?

I need a script that launches a browser to a specific URL (static - no Javascript buttons etc.) , types in my username and password into the right fields, and clicks the “submit” button. It then waits for a new page to load and clicks a button called “connect” on that page. When an app called “Network Connect” (from Juniper Networks - it’s a VPN client) comes up, it closes the original browser window, and hides the Network Connect window. Is this something I can do in Automator or is it an Applescript thing or what’s the easiest way to do this?

thank you,



keystroke return

work for you?

:slight_smile: That’s inventive, I didn’t thought about it! If it’s a HTTP form, it should work, but there’s always the problem of clicking the second button :frowning:

I am looking more into this as we speak. I am not very familiar with UI scripting other than keystroke commands. What is the site that you are looking to automate?