How to crash an applescript

Hi, this must be the most weird question I have made her, but here it goes…
how can I crash an applescript? I dont mean a “force quit” command, I mean a way of adding text into a file to make it applescript proof, maybe some illegal, corrupted or unsupported charactes that will make any applescript trying to read it to crash! anybody has tried this :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer this specific question: AppleScript will never crash here. reading isn’t done by AppleScript but the application who loaded the standard script addition and run the read command for you. AppleScript itself is just doing nothing and waiting for the read command to be finished. This application can crash by a faulty read but AppleScript itself will never crash because it was just doing nothing.

I have never seen AppleScript crash but often the application running the AppleScript instance that crashes when it ran an AppleEvent or AEOM accessor callback routine (like a whose clause).

AppleScript can be best compared to an RPC system. In itself it can do almost nothing but relies on built-in and external procedures calls known as AppleEvents. These procedures are not controlled by the script itself by is entirely managed by the system or the application running the script. Therefore it’s safe to say that you cannot crash AppleScript.

I know this isn’t the answer you were hoping for but this is the closest I can give you.

its an answer! thank you! and if I would manage a way of crashing the other application it would prevent the applescript from getting the text from the file! now I will look for ways to crash the other app. thank you! if you have any idea pleas share! :smiley: