How to create calendar on my cloud ?

With this code:

tell application “iCal”
make new calendar with properties {title: “MyCal”}
end tell

I create a calendar on my default local group “On My Mac”.

But I would create a calendar on a “cloud” group suc as gmail, iCloud, Mobile Me, etc…

What is the hack ?




I guess there is no hack.
It’s not possible to create a calendar for a given type in AppleScript, not even in Objective-C

Thanks a lot, StefanK.

It’s quite disheartening how much Apple has seemingly not thought through the integration implications of many of its recent changes to calendaring.

Besides not being able to know whether a calendar is on iCloud, or create one there, It’s also not directly possible to tell whether a calendar is a task (todo/reminder) calendar or an event calendar.

Furthermore, it seems that even more is now broken. There appears to be no way to move events between calendars that are cloud hosted. (Try the ‘move’ or ‘duplicate’ commands now.) Will post a new thread looking for work-arounds on that.

Model: Mac Pro
Browser: Safari 534.52.7
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.7)