How to cripple an app if unregistered?


I just managed to add the AquaticPrime framework to my application.

Now, I would like to cripple it if it is not registered, is there an easy way to do that in Obj-C (still keeping in mind that I am a total newbie!) ?

I don’t know what would be easiest, probably having an application usable only 5 times if unregistered?

Thanks for any help… :slight_smile:


it’s quite difficult to manage how often an application will be launched,
because you have to store the information in a way (at least encrypted) the user can not manipulate.

Even checking an expire date could be avoided by changing the system date.

So maybe I can just add in my applescript code something to verify the user is registered or the main window doesn’t show ? Doesn’t sound very safe though …

Unfortunately the experience has taught us, that every application could be cracked.
There is no 100% security.

Yeah I know, with this method, patching a conditional jump in the ASM code - opened with a debugger or disassembler - simply with a hexadecimal editor would do the trick.

That would take about 1 minute for any experienced dude who has fun cracking apps out there. Which is why I’m saying it’s not a secure method…

Still, maybe I can find a code obfuscator, some packer/protector, or some kind of equivalent out there. That would actually be a good challenge since no Mac app are protected this way ^^ (that lack of protection just makes the job easier for crackers…).

Hello again,

I coded the part where the application hides and only the registration window shows up after the first use (in my applescript file), but I need some help to make it check if there is a valid license.

I’m assuming I’d have to use a call method to refer to the Obj-C verification method and put that in variable, but I don’t know how to use call methods really.

Any help appreciated, and if you need to see the Obj-C code I have for verification let me know…

You have posted this to the AppleScriptObjC forum but you are talking about call method. Are you still using AppleScript Studio or are you using AppleScriptObjC? I need to know if this post should be moved.

Hello Craig,

My project is indeed in ASS but I’ve added Obj-C files to it (to resize subviews and for license verification), so this post really belongs in both forums… it’s up to you. :cool: