How to display pictures?

Hi there…
I write a small AppleScript application, that mount some “dmg” images and perform some shell scripts…
This tasks take a while to complete, so my question is:
How to display a picture 400x300px, looking like a “Splash Screen”, until all the script tasks has done?

I never used scripts with pictures that is not a dialog icon, so any help with it is much appreciable. :smiley:
I can do it using just AS or need to use a 3rd part software? :confused:

thx in advance!!!

I’m sure you could do this with Xcode.

But if you’re not comfortable with Xcode (I’m certaintly not), you can do something similar with Platypus. Platypus - Create Mac apps from command line scripts |

This (free) software will turn your scripts into applications and allow you to show a progress bar or text output while running the script. Not exactly a splash screen, but it does let you know the script is still running.

hi torajima,
I tried it and it is really pretty cool!! :cool:
But isnt wht i want… it looks ugly to the final app.
I really need to show a nice picture to looks like a Startup Screen until the end of script, when it launches another application.
I think a solution can be use a small application in background to pop up the picture, and at the end of script, I quit it, but im new with scripts, and mayb theres a better way to do it (and i dont have this small application to show the picture :P).

But thx for the Platypus, ill use it with some of my works…


Model: iMac G4 Flat
AppleScript: 1.10.6
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I back here just to say that I solved it using Platypus
All I had to do, is edit the MainMenu.nib file in Resources of the app created by Platypus, and place my picture there!

Now, when I run the application, the script starts, and the picture wait until the tasks has done. :wink:

Mayb more people like to try it, it is really cool…

and thx again Torajima:slight_smile: