How to edit a table item when new row created?

I have search all over and can’t figure this out. Is there a way to set the input focus on a given table item in a row? Specifically, when a new row is created I would like to make the first item of the new row the active editing control (text input focus).

Hi Jacques, long time no see! :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll give that a try, I knew that there should be some way to do it. It figures it would be using “call method.”

You know, it seems we’re relying more and more on “call method.” It reminds me of the early days of programming the old Apple II when we wrote our programs in Basic but had to “enhance” them with assembly language “calls” because we wanted to do things that Basic didn’t do.

Hey there

Thanks for the code so far, this is something I’ve been looking for to add a bit more usability to my project.

I seem to be having a strange problem with it though - the code seems to be executing properly, since I have no errors, and the new row is created and selected, and the scroll view scrolls down accordingly, but the cell does not enter into Edit mode.

Do you have any advice on what could be the problem there at all?

Thanks for your help!