How to embed a movie (flash animation) into my GUI?

Dear friends,

In my app I want to place a flash animation while the app is running, it takes about 10 seconds running.

I have been able to understand this topic:

But I still have some doubts:

  1. The example display the menu for play, stop and movie progress. Should I disable this using ASOC? Or should I compile a movie file without it?

  2. .mov versus .qtz: I have seen a nice example, “Data” that has inside its package contents, under resources, some .qtz files. In my Mac it is set to open by default in “Quartz”, and Application I never used and am not sure what it is for. These .qtz files open also in quicktime 7 player. I would appreciate very much your comments, if I should have my flash files (flash files embedded inside quicktime movies) converted to .qtz, and why. Here is one example of such .qtz file:

  3. Looping: should I make the animation loop by setting it so when saving the movie file? or should I tell the movie to loop from an ASOC line?

Could you be so kind to point me to how I can tell the movie to 1) loop 2) stop 3) hide menu using ASOC?


I doubt that you’ll get far with Flash stuff, but maybe you mean it’s been converted to a movie. Quartz Composer files are something else, and they involve mastering a fairly complex set of APIs.

It looks like you control the controls via the QTMovieView class. it looks there are methods in it and QTMovie that will do what you want.

Hi Shane,

I have seen in the past that Apple uses flash, although embed inside a quicktime movie.

Did you know quicktime framework can play flash animations?

Notice the little “phone ringing” on an alert window from iCal… That is a flash animation!

You can look through iCal’s Resources folder yourself: no sign of anything Flash, or even any movies. And you can search Apple’s documentation – there is no mention of Flash that I can find, anywhere.

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