How to fill formfields in Safari?


Would anybody have a script–even a simple one that I can duplicate and customize for each site I visit–that will fill in the form fields on a page browsed in Safari?

A number of sites that I visit (e.g., require username, password, etc., but Safari refuses to autofill them. Autofill works on many sites, but not these. I know there are hacks to alter system files in order to force Safari to ignore site coding that specifies “autocomplete=off” tags, but some of these sites don’t have that tag and Safari refuses to autofill anyway.

That’s why I’m thinking that a script would completely circumvent such quirks as a general solution. I’ve searched this site without finding anything that seems to address this challenge, soooo, any ideas?

Many thanks for any help,

Model: 1.8 MHz G5 desktop single processor
AppleScript: 1.9.3
Browser: Safari 1.3.2 (v312.5)
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)