How to get a filepath starting at Volumes/Drive?

I have between 5-12 drives connected at any given time.
Lots of dupes.


  1. Search entire system for XXX files (all pdfs with Photoshp in the name/Applications/Rar files larger than 50MB- whatever)
  2. Using <insert whatever here: applescript? Variable? Quickeys shortcut/variable?) determine each files FULL PATH including DRIVE NAME.
  3. Set Spotlight Comments with full path.

There are several stumbling blocks, but the first and most aggravating is that nothing I’ve tried in either Automator or Quickeys will deliver a filepath which includes the name of the drive. The most I could get to was " / " This seems strange, since a proper filepath goes all the way up.

I have no idea how to make this work, but I am convinced it can be done.

The second issue is how to make the “Path” variable useful or create one.

If I drag it into the spotlights window, it becomes an editable dropdown. Ummm. Ok. So I set it at the volume level. I test it on a file 5 levels deep.
I get

Fine, I take it down to “users” - and of course, I get “/users”

and so forth. Well, if I have to TELL it the path, why am I bothering?? I want it to tell ME the path… or rather, put it in the spotlight comments!

This seems like something I ought to be able to accomplish, but so far I can’t.