how to get font menu name or list of active fonts

This is my first time posting - I’m wondering if anyone here can help me in my quest to make a modification to apple’s included “Font Sample.scpt” (Library/Scripts/Info Scripts) that makes a sample in TextEdit of Apple’s installed fonts. Rather than the preset font list declared the way Apple does it, I want to actually generate my own list based on the fonts I have added in ~/Library/Fonts. I can do a list folder and get the filenames of the fonts I have installed, but the problem is the actual filename is not the font’s menu name so TextEdit errors when trying to make the sample. I can’t figure out any way to either get the menu name or get a list of all active fonts to cycle through.

Thanks in advance for any ideas…

The only tool I know in OS X which will return a list of active fonts (plus some lots of utilities) is Extra Suites (see

jj, I just downloaded and took a look at Extra Suites and ran an included one line font info script. this is exactly what I needed to do, return a list of all active fonts. (now I just have to see if I’m really smart enough to make my script work…:wink:

many many thanks!