How to get hidden text/tags in quark document.


Is it possible to get the hidden text from a opened quark document using applescript. The hidden text could be Autopage tags or XML tags.
I have tried this in applescript by selecting the hidden text along with the surrounding text. But could not able to get the hidden text.

Could you help me on this.


Hi krish,

If your extensions installed their own text export filters, then you might be able to export the hidden text as follows. The example below uses the XPress Tags export filter.

I also read that Autopages has its own AppleScript dictionary. Maybe it features a command to get the custom tags?

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	set tefilters to text export filters
	log tefilters
	if "XPress Tags" is in tefilters then
		if (exists document 1) then
			save story 1 of document 1 in (((path to desktop) as Unicode text) & "qxptags.xtg") as "XPress tags"
		end if
	end if
end tell