How to get Quark document version number


Could you tell me how to get the version number of quark document using Applescript without opening the quark document.

That is, if a document is created in Quark v5, then we should get v5 as output

Could any one help me on this.


Without opening the file, you might find differences with ‘info for’ from Standard Additions

set testFile to (choose file)
info for testFile

I don’t have any Quark 5 documents, only Quark 4 and Quark 7. The difference between those two are:

Quark 4 - kind:“QuarkXPress Print Document”, file type:“XDOC”
Quark 7 - kind:“QuarkXPress Project File”, file type:“XPRJ”

If there’s a unique kind or file type for version 5 documents you can identify them that way. Otherwise, you’d have to open the file and get it’s “flow version” with Quark.

set testFile to (choose file)
tell application "QuarkXPress"
	open testFile use doc prefs yes remap fonts no do auto picture import no without reflow
	return flow version of document 1
	-->13 (Quark 7)
	-->9 (Quark 4)
end tell

(NOTE: If ‘suppress all warnings’ is used in Quark’s open command, the flow version is always converted to the version of the application opening the document.)

Thanks for your suggession pandrake.