How to get script to wait for photoshop action before continuing

I need my script to wait while photoshop completes the action I have called before executing the next step in the script.
I am on photoshop CC 2015.
Will applescript wait for the ‘do action’ to complete before it moves on?
Here is the portion that calls the photoshop action.

tell application " Adobe Photoshop CC 2015"
set myFilePath to “Macintosh HD:Users:D:Dropbox:Development:QTCo:Hotfolder:dog-1-2.png”
open alias myFilePath
tell document 1
do action “Wood Frame - 50 pixel” from “Default Actions”
end tell
end tell

Is there a command that can instruct applescript to interrogate the outcome of the photoshop action.
For example in FIleMaker there is a function get(ScriptResult). that lets you determine the outcome of the last script.


Hi. Not all events have results, including PS Actions. Look at the event log in Script Editor”its result is the tell target. If you actually need to wait for an arbitrary period of time, you could use delay, followed by the number of seconds.