How to get text of para styel applied font name in InDesign


I’m having trouble prizing the font name from the properties of a para style in InDesign CS4. The properties list the font as

font:font “Times Regular”

but in my script

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
	tell document 1
set ParaFontFamily to applied font of paragraph style 2
set ParaFontFamilyText to ParaFontFamily as string
	end tell
end tell

it gives me the

“Can’t make «class FonT» "Times Regular" of application "Adobe InDesign CS4" into type string.”

how do i get the “Times Regular” bit out of this? Any ideas gratefully received… :slight_smile:

You want the name of applied font.

Thanks that’s a big help

Only one I’m left struggling with now is ‘size’…

It’s listed in there “font style:“Roman”, size:12.5, vertical scale:100.0”

but getting “Adobe InDesign CS4 got an error: Can’t get size of paragraph style 3 of document 1.”

mystery solved!

it is ‘point size’ although it reports size