how to include two or more conditions for a variable

i do know it s super simple but i did not succed in getting what i want,i ve got an an apple script ,and i d like to perform the script if the clipboard contains some word.
here s what a tried:

if currentURL contains {"*youtube*","*sondcloud*"} then
do stuff

i d like the condition to be an “OR” not both word in same url
thank you very much for the help

This should do what you want:

set theURL to "" --> match
set theURL to "" --> match
set theURL to "" --> no match

if theURL contains "youtube" or theURL contains "sondcloud" then
	display dialog "A Match"
	display dialog "No Match"
end if

If more than two items are being tested, a repeat loop can be used:

repeat with anItem in {"youtube", "sondcloud"}
	if theURL contains anItem then
		display dialog "A Match"
		exit repeat
	end if
end repeat

thanks very much worked perfectly!