how to install script menu in mail app.

simple to install a script menu in toolbar of mail app… ??

having a senior moment.
i did it once…But now i have to explain how to do it to a friend of mine who wants to use scripts in mail application,and sees no script icon in her mail toolbar…

i know how to further install scripts for mail…so i can explain that to my friend once she has a visible script icon to press to display a drop down menu which has a topic.:update scripts menu (after having installed a mail script in Library >scripts>mail scripts.

many thanks

Hi Agnes,

I don’t have Tiger, but from what I’ve read they’ve done away with the specific script icon. I t seems that you need to use the universal menu bar icon installed by running:

“Macintosh HD:Applications:AppleScript:Script”


hmmm,thanks Kel…

it is a bit of a fiddle…I am on Panther…my friend is on Tiger…some of the applications and paths have really changed…

to try to do something one is ‘used to doing’ on one system, does not seem to be the same in the next one.

she did send me a screen shot of something which resembled a secrpt menu…but it did not contain the commands we required.

i will give her the reference you posted
“Macintosh HD:Applications:AppleScript:Script”

and see what that brings up.

many thanks

Hi Agnes,

Your friend could search her computer for Script also. I don’t think they renamed this.



I WENT TO"Macintosh HD:Applications:AppleScript:Script"
myself on Panther,and it had all i needed from a button to ‘install script menu’ to files of script menus i had already installed.

I sent that reference “Macintosh HD:Applications:AppleScript:Script” off to my friend…
we will see what SHE finds with her Tiger

i have noted the other reference you gave.,in your most recent post here at this thread.

she does have a “script menu”(she sent me a screen shot) but it does not include: “install script”.or have capacity that i can see to show previously installed scripts.

in other words,Tigers script menu has changed from Panthers Script menu.

we will succceed…i think…someday…perhaps…

i think developers are coming around to this
sending and receiving html e mails
…but it is taking time…
meantime,we are having ,er,fun,trying to do ‘workarounds’

thanks again for your assistances