How to kill of unix process in 10.1?

I’ve got an Applescript that needs to kill off a unix process by a particular name. Let’s say it’s called “badprocess”. In Mac OS 10.2 and up, I just do a

do shell “killall badprocess”

and the unix process is gone.

Is there a way I can do this in the Mac OS 10.1 world? 10.1 doesn’t have the “killall” command, unforunately. I thought perhaps I could do a “ps” command and find the process ID of my “badprocess” command, but I only see 1 item listed. 10.1 just has the “kill” command, which I think would work, if I could figure out how to kill of a command by name. This problem may be my misunderstanding of unix, and the “ps” command - - any insights?

Can’t you use ‘kill -9 thePIDofYourProcessHere’. I don’t know if it’s working in 10.1, but it is in Jaguar