How to link a second Help Menu item to a different Help folder?

I would like to link a second Help Menu item in my application Help Menu to a different Help folder. How to implement that?
Thanks for your help.
houdini :wink:

on choose menu item theObject

if name of theObject is "item_help2" then
showHelp("AppHelp/", "help2")
end if

end choose menu item

on showHelp(thePath, theHelp)
	set the pathNames to (main bundle path for directory thePath resource theHelp extension "html")
	do shell script "open -a /System/Library/CoreServices/'Help' " & quoted form of pathNames
end showHelp

Thanks you very much for this info. Vaut mieux tard que jamais ;-). Better late than never :wink: !!

houdini :wink:

Model: iMac 17"
AppleScript: Xode 3.0
Browser: Firefox 3.5.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)