How to make my xcode project Scriptable

Hi, I am 2 weeks new to Xcode! developing my first project in version 4.6, very happy about it… but I have one question… how can I make may app scriptable? Any link in youtube, forum idea or direction will be most appreciated :slight_smile:

Are you writing it in AppleScriptObjC or Objective-C?

Thank you for replaying, Objective-C. I assume that I will have to add more code :stuck_out_tongue: correct?

I have successfully triggered an AppleScript from within my Xcode project! But I would like to add some commands to create an external AppleScript and activate a secondary window created on my Xcode protect. example:

Tell application “MyXcodeApp”
display windows “My Window” with text “Hello”
end tell

is this possible? :stuck_out_tongue:

In Xcode’s documentation browser, type Cocoa Scripting. There are also two simple sample projects: SimpleScripting and SimpleScriptingVerbs. Download them – they show you all you need to get started.