how to mouse click of menu and its sub items using applescript in webs

hi all

how to write a script for mouse clicks access website /web application ?

can you any body help me regarding this

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For that sort of thing, you might be better off using Sikuli:

That’s cool EricN, thanks for showing us that.


Thanks for reply

i need it in Apple script… not in other script

need automate my web application


Well this is a complicated subject so it’s not easy to explain. You will need a tool called UIElementInspector for Apple. That will help you find button names and locations and stuff like that. Then you’ll use the “System Events” application to perform button clicks. So do some googling for the tool and examples of how to use it. It’s really more complicated than anyone can explain.

However, you may have another problem. You may not be able to use the above tools in a web page of a web application. That’s because web page elements are different that elements in a normal cocoa window. You’ll have to test that. If you can’t then you need a different way to click the interface elements. There’s two choices you have there, 1) use javascript or 2) I wrote a tool to help you get locations of stuff and to click on stuff. It’s a command line tool that can be run from applescript. See here.