How to open a folder within applescript...

I have an applescript Ithat want to open a folder based upon a user inputting a sales order #.

Currently, I have a dialogue box that can ask for the sales order #(Which is how we file these away)

We have a sales order filing structure that we use to easily file away our artwork. The file Structure looks like this

(Getting to order # 1450017)
Root of share

Or mapped out it’s /primary/1450000-1499999/1450000-1450999/1450000-1450099/1450017/

Please advise how I might tell it to open a finder window of the requested directory based upon this information.

here’s the code I’ve done so far. Many thanks in advance for all help.

set ReaderAp to "ILLUSTRATOR CS"
-- The list of search paths - first to last order
set SrchPath to {"PRIMARY:REG#s"}
-- Admin end ----------------------

set ReaderPath to path to application ReaderAp
set ThisAp to get (displayed name of (info for (get path to current application))) as string

set text item delimiters to ""
set AllDone to false

global ErrNone, ErrWarning, ErrFatal, ErrSkip
set {ErrNone, ErrWarning, ErrFatal, ErrSkip} to {0, 1, 2, 3}

--repeat until AllDone
set {RStat, Docs} to LocateDocs(SrchPath)
if RStat is ErrNone then
if (count of Docs) > 0 then
global P
if class of item 1 of Docs is string then
set AliasDocs to {}
repeat with P in Docs
set end of AliasDocs to (P as alias)
end repeat
set AliasDocs to Docs
end if
--ignoring application responses
tell application "Finder" to set Rslt to open AliasDocs using ReaderPath
--end ignoring
end if
end if
if RStat is ErrFatal then
display dialog "Fatal: " & Docs as string
end if
if RStat is ErrWarning then
display dialog "Warning: " & Docs as string
end if
-- if RStat is ErrNone or RStat is ErrSkip then
-- set Rslt to display dialog ThisAp buttons {"Continue", "Quit"} default button "Continue"
-- if button returned of Rslt is "Quit" then set AllDone to true
-- else
-- display dialog (Docs as string) buttons {"OK"} default button "OK"
-- if RStat is ErrFatal then set AllDone to true
-- end if
--end repeat

on LocateDocs(SrchPath)
-- Isolate volume names and check if all are mounted, then check legal path
set MtdVols to list disks
set SrchVols to {}
repeat with sp in SrchPath
set v to item 1 of (Split(":", sp))
if v is not in MtdVols then
return {ErrFatal, {"Volume " & v & " is not available"}}
end if
alias sp -- gives error if the alias does not exist
on error
return {ErrFatal, {"Path " & sp & " is not available"}}
end try
end repeat

global LstOrdNo
on error
set LstOrdNo to ""
end try
set Rqst to (display dialog ¬
"Entry type:" default answer LstOrdNo ¬
buttons {"Sales Order", "Browse for file", "Skip"} ¬
default button "Sales order")
if button returned of Rqst is "Sales Order" and text returned of Rqst is "" then
return {ErrWarning, "Must provide an order number for Sales Order"}
end if
if button returned of Rqst is "Skip" then
return {ErrSkip, {}}
else if button returned of Rqst is "Browse for file" then
return BrowseForFile(text of item 1 of SrchPath)
set OrdNo to text returned of Rqst
set LstOrdNo to OrdNo
set Rslt to SalesOrder(OrdNo, SrchPath)
if item 1 of Rslt is ErrNone then set LstOrdNo to ""
return Rslt
end if

is this what you wanted ( got it using the record button in scripteditor

	make new Finder window to folder "DanDan" of folder "Documents" of folder "kim" of folder "Users" of startup disk