how to open folder on external drive?


To open a folder on my start-up disk I can use:
tell application “Finder” to open home

to open folder Music on my external drives, how to write this?

From root I have:

Volumes/MacHD → /

so there is: LC3/Music

tell application “Finder” to open Music of disk LC3
error “The variable LC3 is not defined.” number -2753 from “LC3”

Any help appreciated,

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Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden


custom disk and folder names must be specified as literal strings.
home is predefined and points always to the home folder of the current user

tell application "Finder" to open folder "Music" of disk "LC3"

Alright, hmm,

How to specify as literal string the folder Music of disk LC3

with “of” and “disk”?

I’ve tried a lot of tests.


with best regards,
Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden

see my example

Thank you StefanK,

I had missed the " …" !