How to pass an iCal Event name to Safari as a parameter for a URL

I need to pass the name of an iCal event to a script that gets scheduled to run in iCal. This script has to take the name of the iCal event and append it to the end of a URL - it’s a parameter to a PHP script on my host - which Safari has to open.
Since I am a neophyte at scripting under OS X, I’m looking in to an automator solution. It’s sounds straight-forward, but I’m lost.
Any help? Your my hero…

Are you able to get the iCal event into Automator currently? If so the easiest thing would be to pass that to an applescript and use something like:

set theURL to ""
set icalevent to (the clipboard as text)
set input to (theURL & icalevent)

in that example however the iCal event would have to be in the clipboard. Let me know where you stand in this workflow and when I’m at my mini I will help you out.

Model: iPod Touch 2nd Gen
Browser: Safari 528.16
Operating System: Other