How to Reference a File?s Location in AS studio???

How to Reference a File?s Location?

Working in script editor I can create a simple script to duplicate files like this:

tell application “Finder”
duplicate file “test.plist” of desktop to “:Users:admin:Library:Preferences” replacing existing items
end tell

In AS Studio this does not work. It always results in an error msg.

If test.plist is in a directory how do I reference it?
If test.plist is added to the files of Project builder (be specific please) how are those referenced in AppleScript?

Please Respond. :?:


tell application "Finder"
	duplicate (file "test.plist" of desktop) to (folder "Users:admin:Library:Preferences:" of startup disk) with replacing
end tell

I get the same error msg. everytime: AppleScript Error -1708
What’s strange is that the script works just fine at duplicating the
file. What is wrong with this in AS Studio?

HELP Please.
Thank you,

Your problem must be elsewhere. Error -1708 means that you’re sending a message to an object that doesn’t understand it. Look for common causes such as misspelt handler names and calls, application commands being sent to the wrong application objects, handler calls being made within a tell application block without ‘of me’ appended, etc.

Thank you for the good info.
Does anyone have a list of the AS Studio error codes?