How to remove the Shortcut Keys from the Quark document?

Hi everybody,

I wrote the script to find any Shortcut key used in the document. It only show the shortcut key names, but i want to remove all the shortcut keys which is used in the document or better it show the Pop-up Alert only if the document having any shortcut keys. Please help me if anybody aware of this!

My script are as below:

tell application "Finder"
	choose file of type {"XPRJ"} with prompt "Choose the Quark"
	set theFiles to result
	open file theFiles
	tell document 1 of application "QuarkXPress"
		set StylehotKey1 to key modifiers of every style spec as text
		set StylehotKey2 to key character of every style spec as text
		set CharacterhotKey1 to key modifiers of every character spec as text
		set CharacterhotKey2 to key character of every character spec as text

		display dialog StylehotKey1 & " " & StylehotKey2 & " " & "in Paragraph StyleSheets & " & CharacterhotKey1 & " " & CharacterhotKey2 & " in Character StyleSheets"
	end tell
end tell


please help me to sort of this issue as soon as possible.


My experience with scripting QuarkXPress tells me that the following code might do the trick. I have not tested this code, as I am currently on the road (but not driving…) and only have InDesign installed on my mobile Mac.

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	set stylespecprops to {class:style spec, key character:"", key modifiers:{}}
	tell document 1
		set stylespecs to object reference of (every style spec)
		repeat with stylespec in stylespecs
			set properties of stylespec to stylespecprops
		end repeat
	end tell
end tell

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply, i am wondering even if you have in busy also you replied my query thanks a ton Martin. I have tested your code, there is nothing happening after run the script. May i know what actually do your script, whether show the alert or remove the shortcut key…? Please explain when you get free Martin?

Thanks in Advance,


Hi Marthin,

Please ignore my previous reply, it works perfectly what i expect. You are simply amazing Cheers!