How to rename droplet or applet Applescript names?

It’s a very…old annoyance to get applet and droplet for the names of Applescript apps when you call process names with System events. I don’t use titles instead of name because I’m not fond to deal with the localized version names of applications - and running both name and title to extract droplets - applets from Xcode-created apps or similar developer tools, is just a waste of code and time.
Please see this example : (and have an Applescript App running of course)

tell application "System Events" to set nm to name of processes whose background only is false
log nm
tell application "System Events" to set tnm to title of processes whose background only is false
log tnm

I tried to edit the value of CFBundleExecutable in the Info.plist and the executable file inside folder MacOs to change the name of my Applescript Apps to something more appropriate, but this caused just my Applescript App to misbehave… Some tips please!

Nobody with some hint, like some URL or some practical advises as a programmer?

Process names are the names of the executable loaded from the You can rename this to whatever you want BUT the info.plist of the application in contains a record of the executable name and you have to change this too. This record is used so when the application is launched the system knows what executable has to be send to the kernel’s program loader.

the problem is, following: if we rename the executable -and the reference in the info.plist -, our starts always with a run time dialog asking us, if we want to quit OR execute our application

Even if I save a copy of my customized with the run time dialogue unchecked, the starts still and stubbornly with a run time dialog :frowning:

I tried this already years ago if I remember well…probably nothing we to do?