How to Repair the Applescript Editor

I believe that my Applescript Editor has somehow become corrupted or something. I’d been working on a long-running script that would occasionally hang, so I’d been forcing the Editor to quit while working on the code. I think I may have damaged something in the Editor itself by doing this because all of a sudden my script started hanging in this simple loop at the top that only repeats on a set of string values and appends them all into one string.

It seemed to always be hanging in the same spot, but when I edited the code to display a dialog that tells be about the iteration where it was hanging (to find which step inside the loop it was getting hung on), it hung at a different iteration. Every time I edit the file, it hangs at a different iteration (consistently).

Then, I pretty much confirmed it was the editor by installing Script Debugger 5 and running the script in it, which resulted in no hangs and a completely successful execution…

Is there a prefs file I can trash to fix Applescript Editor?



Dear Craig,

From your post, do you mean that if i delete the plist file, the script editor will “reconfigure” itself when next started?? And then behave itself?

Mine has hung dramatically, i have force quit a couple of times, but when I restart the editor, the same script loads.

The text in the editing window has zoomed itself in to about 200%, the script scrolls very slowly at times, the beachball is rolling constantly. The monitor tells me the iMac is using about 40% of its capacity.

The plist file is reporting a size of 1,007 bytes but 4K on the disc. I don’t know what effect deleting a plist might have.

Thanks, Max