how to run applescript in backgroud?

i want to run this script in background…

Actually i want to handle popup window which appeat when we run this code, it asks optons: 1-“Open the series” and 2-“Open the one”, by default the Open the one is selected but i wanted to select Opent the series option. But this script wait until the option is not selected so i was not able to run the code which select that option. Any suggestion, how i can do it?

code to open event

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
	set newevent to item 1 of (every event whose subject is equal to "Test")
	open newevent
end tell

code to select option

activate application "Microsoft Entourage"
tell application "System Events"	
tell process "Microsoft Entourage"		
-- insert GUI Scripting statements here		
--radio button "Open the series"  of window 1		
tell window 1			
click radio button "Open the series"		
end tell	
end tell
end tell


Have a look at Dropscript Backgrounder