How to script Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Hi my customer got Acrobat Pro 7 because it was supposed to be scriptable with applescript. Now it looks like you need the pricy SDK to get the documentation.

The only thing I need to do is to fill out a form on a PDF with data from a Filemaker DB. Should be easy like no other thing, but I just cant do it. Does anyone have a example on how to put data into a PDF Form?


I haven’t used a recent version of Acrobat for this. I used to tell Acrobat to run a javascript with do script. There are lots of FDF javascript examples on the web.

Did you already try setting key pairs with set info or a form object with set? One of those might do the trick.

Sorry I don’t know more. You might try re-posting after the holiday if you can’t get it working.