How to script hidden menu of Menu Button in Logic Pro

Hi there,

I am trying to script a menu button (that is how it is designated in UI browser) and when i click that button a small menu appears.

In UI browser it only takes me as far as that menu button, but in the UI Element inspector, it shows me there is an extra group attached…

I need to know the name of the second menu item that appears if i click this menu button…

Who can help me?!

This is the UI element inspector code:

<AXApplication: “Logic Pro”>
<AXWindow: “Inst 1”>

<AXMenuItem: “reFX: Nexus GUI”>

AXRole: “AXMenuItem”
AXRoleDescription: “menu item”
AXParent: “”
AXEnabled: “1”
AXPosition: “x=94 y=132”
AXSize: “w=106 h=15”
AXTitle: “reFX: Nexus GUI”
AXHelp: “(null)”
AXSelected (W): “1”
AXMenuItemCmdChar: “(null)”
AXMenuItemCmdVirtualKey: “(null)”
AXMenuItemCmdGlyph: “(null)”
AXMenuItemCmdModifiers: “0”
AXMenuItemMarkChar: “✓”
AXMenuItemPrimaryUIElement: “(null)”

AXCancel - cancel
AXPress - press

and UI browser brings me this far:

click menu button “View” of group 2 of window “Inst 1”

when i select the menu it gives me a mismatch error…

There is also a text in the floating grey window that tells me the name of the plugin, however i can not select that name anywhere?!

Please help me!

Hi I’m searching this too. Did you find out how it works?