How to set a folder to open located on a network

when I tell apple script to:

tell application “Finder”
open home
end tell

It will open my home folder on the network fine. But when I try and set it to any folder (say the Library folder) within my Home folder it can’t find it. Any suggestions for a newbie?


your script addresses a folder on your local computer, not on any network volume
Some examples of other folders:

tell application "Finder" to open (path to home folder as string) & "Library"
tell application "Finder" to open (path to pictures folder)
tell application "Finder" to open (path to music folder)

Other folders which can be addressed with path to:
apple menu The Apple Menu Items folder
application support The Application Support folder
applications folder The user’s Applications folder
control panels The Control Panels folder
control strip modules The Control Strip Modules folder
current application
[synonyms: application “AppName”, it, me]
desktop The user’s Desktop folder
desktop pictures folder
[synonyms: scripts folder, utilities folder] The Desktop Pictures folder
documents folder The user’s Documents folder
extensions The Extensions folder
favorites folder The user’s Favorites folder
Folder Action scripts The user’s Folder Action Scripts folder
fonts The Fonts folder
frontmost application
help The Help folder
home folder The user’s home folder
internet plugins The Internet Plug-Ins folder
keychain folder The user’s Keychains folder
launcher items folder The Launcher Items folder
library folder The Library folder
modem scripts The Modem Scripts folder
movies folder The user’s Movies folder
music folder The user’s Music folder
pictures folder The user’s Pictures folder
preferences The user’s Preferences folder
printer descriptions The Printer Descriptions folder
printer drivers The Printer Drivers folder
printmonitor The PrintMonitor Documents folder
public folder The user’s Public folder
scripting additions The Scripting Additions folder
shared documents The shared Documents folder
shared libraries The CFMSupport folder
shutdown folder The Shutdown Items folder
sites folder The user’s Sites folder
speakable items The Speakable Items folder
startup disk The startup disk
startup items The StartupItems folder
stationery The Stationery folder
system folder The System folder
system preferences The PreferencePanes folder
temporary items The Temporary Items folder
trash The user’s Trash folder
users folder The Users folder
voices The Voices folder
workflows folder The Workflows folder

Thanks StefanK,

This has helped alot.


Given “noobness”, you might not know that if you type alias (posix file “”) in a Script Editor document, and drag a folder or file from a Finder view between the quotes (clicking “Alias” on the dialog that appears) and then press the enter key or click the compile button, you’ll get the alias reference to that file.

This is only useful if your script doesn’t have to be portable to other machines - in that case, use the constructs outlined above by Stefan.