How to set Finder Status Bar to Hidden

would just like to ask your help with regards to how to hide finder status bar in a particular window since I have this Installer which I will launch in OS 10.2 The icon embedded in my Installer works fine in OS 10.1, wherein everything is seen. But in OS 10.2 since thedefault setting is Show Status Bar, a portion of the icon is hidden because of this. Therefore I would like to know if you have an idea on how to set Hide Status bar for a particular window once it is launched in OS 10.2

I have tried the following:

tell application “Finder”
set theFolder to
set view of theFolder to icon
set spatial view arrangement of theFolder to not arranged
set icon size of theFolder to large
set has custom view settings of theFolder to true
set zoomed full size of container window of theFolder to true
set calculates folder sizes of theFolder to false
end tell

But it seems that it will not work. A portion of the icon will still not be seen.