How to set tab position in Quark paragraph stylesheet


Could anyone help me on below issues.

I have many quark files (version 6). Each quark file contain the paragraph style called “TABLE”. I want to set a tab position, say “Right tab alignment, position:9pt” in the paragraph stylesheet “TABLE”. Could any one help me on this.

I am able to set this tab position in paragraphs, but I find difficult in setting this in stylesheet itself.


I don’t script Quark much anymore but I did find this script in my repository.
I believe it came from Shirley Hopkins examples. If you are going to script
Quark a lot I would recommend her book.

Maybe this code will give you some ideas how to accomplish your task.

(*Demonstrates using fixed space and an indent here character. *)

tell application "QuarkXPress"
	set testtext to "¢" & (ASCII character 15) & (ASCII character 30) & "This is a sample paragraph to illustrate the effect of using fixed space and an indent here character to create a hanging indent"
	tell default document 1 to set flex space width to 200
	set theDoc to make document
	tell theDoc
		set styleList to (get name of every style spec)
		if "outdent" is not in styleList then
			make style spec at end with properties {name:"outdent"}
		end if
		set properties of style spec "outdent" to {paragraph attributes:{justification:left justified, leading:"14 pt"}, character attributes:{font:"Helvetica", size:"12 pt"}}
		make text box at beginning with properties {bounds:{"36 pt", "36 pt", "216 pt", "216 pt"}}
		set contents of story 1 of text box 1 to testtext
		set style sheet of paragraph 1 of story 1 of text box 1 to "outdent"
	end tell
end tell

I have not scripted Quark in a few years and don’t have a copy of it to see if I can figure it out. What I would do it run something like this:

tell application "Quark"
tell document 1 to set x to properties of style sheet 1
end tell

Now look at the results window and search through what is returned to see if you can find the property that the tab stops are stored in. If you don’t see it post the results here and I can take a look at it.