How to set up a stepper correctly

I’m trying to set up a stepper in my project, I have bound a text field to the stepper and the stepper to the text field , this works fine, the text field shows the result of the stepper, but I can’t figure out how to get and use the figures displayed in the text field, all the examples I can find are old, an either don’t work or iv’e set it up wrong. Can someone please point me ina direction of a recent example or small project using the stepper so I can see how things are supposed to be done properly please


Just get the text field’s stringValue(), integerValue() or doubleValue(), depending on what you want/need.

thanks Shane, I understand I need the result, but what happens is
I bind the stepper to the text box using “takeIntValueFrom:” and then
bind the text box to the stepper using “takeStringValueFrom:” which
then when the stepper is clicked it shows the text and increments as expected.

problem is if I make the stepper a _(sender) then it removes the “takeIntValueFrom:”
from the text box, and when the stepper is clicked nothing shows.

I have tried

set theValue to (contents of stepper "myStepper")

which does nothing

got it, I removed the bindings and dealt with it programmatically

   property StepperInfo : missing value --bound to stepper
   on StepRotate_(sender) --bound to stepper
   set theValue to StepperInfo's integerValue()
   Rotate's setStringValue_(theValue)
    set myStep to Rotate's stringValue() --must be a text field to get result from it
       set myStep to myStep as string
        log myStep