How To Sidestep The Delay Bug In 10.10

The delay bug on Yosemite can be sidestepped by using a specific syntax.

In the way of a 1 minute experiment (if you happen to have 10.10), pls save the following script as an application (not run only) onto your desktop and name it “Delay.”

display dialog "Hello World"
Delay 30
display dialog "Hello World"

Then save this script as app and name it “To_Delay”

display dialog "Hello World"
tell application "Finder" to delay 30
display dialog "Hello World"

Launch each one separately. Select ‘OK’ as soon as the first dialog box appears.

(After selecting ‘OK’), the app named “Delay,” will present the second dialog box immediately. In other words, the delay command won’t work.

Whereas, if you select ‘OK’ on the dialog box that displays after launching “To_Delay,” the app will wait 30 seconds before presenting the second dialog box.

The reason, I believe, is that 10.10 has a bug. Using the single word “Delay” as a command on this OS will not delay the AS application.

To make the delay command functional on Yosemite, at least on my two machines, the following syntax has to be used:

tell application “Finder” to delay 30

I’d be curious if anyone else experiences this same thing, with AS apps (not scripts) on 10.10. Thx