How to Stop “Press Run to run this script” with NO Startup Screen?

I continue to get “Press Run to run this script, or Quit to quit” on an applet. When I double-click it in the Finder it runs fine. But when it is called from a shell script (appended below), the infernal alert is invoked, hidden in the background. How can I stop this foolishness, given that the “Startup Screen” option is NOT checked?

I have resorted to this because I cannot get an AppleScript/Ruby script/AppleScript sequence to run without aborting the Ruby script.

Thank you!!

Richard Fairbanks


Here is the shell script, just FYI:


cat << HERE | osascript -l AppleScript
ignoring application responses
# each of the following generate the dreaded alert
run application “HD:Users::Scripts:Clipboard:Store and Restore”
# tell application “Finder” to open alias “HD:Users::Scripts:Clipboard:Store and Restore”
end ignoring

sleep 3 # seems to be necessary to give the clipboard time to refresh

env ruby -wKU ‘/Users//Scripts/Changing Text Case/Proper Case.rb’ > /dev/null 2>&1 &[/code]

Model: 2.33GHz MBPC2D Running OS X 10.6.8
Browser: Google Chrome 15.0.874.100
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Just a guess, because i
ve never seen this happen, but you could use the terminal command

As in

this should run the script ‘silently’.