How to Unmount a Volume?

Hi All,

I am developing an applescript which will be run on a workstation and is designed to do the following:

  1. Access a Sharefolder on Server A
  2. Download 2 Files from Server A
  3. Process these Files via Excel
  4. Access a Sharefolder on Server B
  5. Upload the 2 Files to Server B
  6. Delete the Files from the Workstation
  7. Close the Sharefolders

The main issue I am having is in closing the sharefolders.

I access them using the following code:

mount volume "Filemaker Pro 5 Folder" on server "Quicksilver" in AppleTalk zone "Office_Ground" as user name "USER" with password "PASSWORD"

However, I am having major troubles identifying the syntax to use to close this sharefolder.

Any ideas?


(CROSS-POSTED IN OS X - But using OS 8.6)

Hi :slight_smile:
Try this way for Os9 (no tested):

tell application "Finder" to put away folder "Filemaker Pro 5 Folder"

and this way for OsX (no tested):

tell application "Finder" to eject disk "Filemaker Pro 5 Folder"


Hi Fredo,

I just tried the eject message, but recieved an error message…

eject disk "Filemaker Pro 5 Folder"


Any other ideas? I’m at a loss (of course).


(Running MacOS 8.6)

Got it - it was just bad syntax on my part…

put away disk <<SharefolderName>> 

Thanks for your help…